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Sisters in Birth, Inc., is a women's health clinic that utilizes provides midwifery and holistic care. Unlike other clinics, we focus on helping our patients to achieve health and wellness, which means spending more time with patients, educating, coaching, and advocating for our patients.  Our aim is to help every woman have a healthy pregnancy and to deliver a full-term (39 weeks+), normal weight baby vaginally, and to breastfeed.

The community based, charitable organization was founded and directed by Getty Israel in 2016 exclusive and effectively utilizing community health workers to improve birth outcomes among Medicaid beneficiaries. In 2021, it morphed into a clinic wherein community health workers are integrated on the clinical team, a CDC best practice. 

In the very near future, it will grow into a freestanding birth center offering full-scale clinical and community health services that will be delivered by nurse midwives and community health workers.

Meet Our Team

Getty Israel, a population health expert, author, and mother, is the founder and CEO.  Ms. Israel has Master of Public Health degree and 14 years of experience in program development and policy. She is a public health trailblazer, as she has led initiatives involving breastfeeding legislation and is currently working to develop a birth center in Mississippi.
Dr.  Beverly McMillan, Obstetrics Medical Director, has a holistic approach to prenatal care. She is the only physician in Mississippi who has extensive experience of working with midwives. 


Moses Young, Primary Care Medical Director, has a proven record of helping patients prevent and reverse chronic conditions that are associated with obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Dr. Young works with Mrs. Yalonda Davis, Community Health Services Director, who work diligently helping patients to achieve and sustain good health during and after pregnancy. Together, they oversee our community health workers who provide home healthcare, birth support, and breastfeeding and other evidenced based, nonmedical community health services. 

Audreanna Lewis - Sholes, Certified Nurse Midwife, provides prenatal, postpartum, and wellness care to all women.  She too has a holistic and natural approach to care.  Our patients love that she is very personable, engaging, and spends a lot of time them, and makes herself available 24-7.

Jasmine Sutton and Breanna Walker, Phlebotomists and Medical Assistants, perform all labs and assists providers and patients to ensure timely and accurate care.

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