Sisters in Birth, Inc., is a community health center that utilizes an integrative and holistic approach to women's healthcare. We provide comprehensive services, including primary care, home healthcare, birth support, postpartum care, patient education and advocacy, that significantly improve the patient’s overall pregnancy experience and birth outcomes. We have an excellent track record of helping women to have healthy pregnancies and births.


Sisters in Birth Inc. was founded and developed by Getty Israel, who began her work in rural Southwest, Mississippi where she significantly reduced rates of medical inductions, C-sections, premature births, and infant and maternal mortality among Medicaid members. 

Meet Our Team

Getty Israel, a population health expert, author, and mother, is the founder and CEO.  Ms. Israel has Master of Public Health degree and 14 years of experience in program development and policy. She is a public health trailblazer, as she has led initiatives involving breastfeeding legislation and is currently working to develop a birth center in Mississippi.
Dr. Moses Young, the medical director, has over 25 years of practicing primary care. He has a proven record of helping patients prevent and reverse chronic conditions that are associated with obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Dr. Young manages our team of community health workers who provide home healthcare, birth support, and breastfeeding as well as other community health services. 

Getty Israel, CEO
Dr. Moses Young, Medical Director
Moses Young, MD
Jade Roberts, FNP
Simeon Seaton, CHW, D
Rochelle Fields, CHW, D, IBCLC
Yalonda Davis, D, CHW, CLC
Linda Jackson, CHW, D, LS
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Getty Israel, CEO