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Supplementation Evidence

Probiotic Supplementation Health Benefits to Infants

Research shows that probiotic supplementation can prevent the risk of

severe Necrotizing enterocolitis, late-onset sepsis, and all-cause mortality

in very low birth weight babies, death and disease in preterm babies.

It also reduces the incidence of eczema and atopic dermatitis in infants and children.

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Probiotic Supplementation Health Benefits to Pregnant Women


Research shows that probiotic supplementation provides many benefits to pregnant and non-

pregnant women:

  • Promotes "healthy vaginal health that is characterized by hydrogen peroxide and acid-producing lactobacilli, which are crucial to maintain the physiological vaginal ecosystem and their depletion speeds up bacterial overgrowth with pH elevation, leading to Bacterial vaginosis (BV)".

  • BV is the most prevalent vaginal infection among reproductive-age women.  It is strongly associated with miscarriage and preterm birth.  Daily use of probiotics has been shown to prevent and treat BV, prevention of recurrences of candidiasis, urinary tract infections, clear HPV lesions, maintain normal vaginal flora, restore the vaginal microbiota after antibiotic treatment, and decrease preterm births.

We provide Visbiome Infant DropsDr. Formulated Prenatal Probiotics, and Jarrow Dophilus Women Vaginal Probiotics


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Probiotic Supplementation Significantly Reduces Anxiety and Depression among Prenatal Women 

Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation During Pregnancy

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy has a vital consequence on the developing fetus, which totally depends on the maternal stores for its growth and development. During pregnancy vitamin D plays a prominent role in the formation and development of an embryo, particularly skeletal development and the regulation of sufficient calcium levels in the body. Research shows that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may increase the risk of adverse maternal and birth outcomes.

Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent during pregnancy, particularly among Black women. During pregnancy, the most important contribution of vitamin D is to increase calcium absorption and regulation of placenta calcium transport. Additionally, vitamin D regulates the immune system, prevents inflammation, and promote the release of antimicrobial peptide in the placenta that fights against bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.  Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy has been associated with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, low-birth-weight infants, and autism.

Twenty-three studies involving over 17,000 studies have shown that Calcium supplementation significantly decreases the incidence of hypertension, preeclampsia, and admission to the neonatal intensive unit, particularly among women at high risk or with low calcium levels at baseline. We provide vitamin D supplements for our patients at a wholesale price in the clinic.


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