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Pregnant? Now what....?

Do you want to...


  •    have a pleasant pregnancy experience?

  •    control over your birth experience?

  •    a provider who listens & respects you?

  •    doula support during labor & delivery?

  •    a full-term, vaginal childbirth?

  •    breastfeeding and postpartum support in your                 home?

If you answered yes, then you've come to the right place! We are committed to you throughout your journey to motherhood. Our mission is to make sure you are healthy before, during, and after birth, that you have a full-term, vaginal birth, successfully breastfeed your bundle of joy.  Our nonprofit, charitable clinic is the only one in Mississippi offering midwifery care, disease prevention, postpartum care, prenatal yoga, home health care, childbirth education, doula support, and breastfeeding counseling. We accept Medicaid, United Healthcare, Mississippi Magnolia, Molina, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi.





Coming Soon...
On The Bodies of Black Women, 

a new documentary about how and why the maternity healthcare system in Mississippi performs thousands of medically unnecessary C-section deliveries, the No 1 surgery and cash cow in the State and US.

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Why You Should Wait to Deliver


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