Sisters in Birth contributed greatly in molding me into the mother I am today. The thorough classes and home visits gave me a great deal of information to assist with my birthing process. They also gave me a voice when I could not speak up for myself. I was able to focus on not only my health but my babies as well. Learning how to properly care for myself mentally to ensure the best for my upcoming birth. Being by my side during childbirth and checking on us every step of the way once leaving the hospital. This program has greatly impacted my life. It has taught me that African American women voices can and will be heard throughout their pregnancy. To voice my wants and dislikes! To always ask the hard questions to ensure proper health care. Mentally instilling on how important it is to give birth naturally. Realizing that we are all sisters and should bind together during the wonderful time of pregnancy and child birth. -C. Cloy

Sisters in Birth was exactly what I needed going through the biggest change of my life.  I was alone.  I had lost my mother at the age of 14, and I really needed her at this point in life. 

Walking into the Sisters in Birth center was so welcoming.  The vibe was just right: the bright flowers, aromatherapy, pictures on the wall of beautiful women who looked like me, and healthy food.  We started with yoga.  The instructor taught us breathing techniques that I still use.  She met everyone’s health needs, asking about our pains and discomforts, and demonstrating positions to help.

-T. Clark

The Sisters in Birth program has helped me out tremendously.


When I was pregnant my CHW, Totiana Smith, regularly visited my home to check my vitals and make sure I was eating healthy and exercising and doing well emotionally. The program also gave me free prenatal and vitamin D vitamins -B. Allen 


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I entered the Sisters in Birth program when I was shattered! Finding out I was expecting my first child and more than likely that I would become a single mom at the age of 28, left me heart broken. I was extremely depressed and overwhelmed.

Getty and her staff helped me in ways I could not have imagined. Their sisterhood made me stronger. The contagious positive energy surrounded by me and the informative and supportive classes were exactly what I needed. The program became an emotional outlet, a way to get to know some of the other moms, and I realized that I was not the only one going through it or afraid of  the big change approaching.

My community health worker, Totiana, was so awesome. I couldn’t have had a better person supporting me.

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Sisters in Birth has an amazing program for expecting Mothers. They provide plenty of education and resourceful information to help educate and prepare one for birth. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their program. If it was not for them I wouldn’t have had a VBAC. Having one prior c-section, my doctor of 10 years automatically wanted to do another. He was not open to a VBAC. Sisters in Birth put me in contact with Dr. Lindsay Jerome, a wonderful doctor, who believes a VBAC can be successful when the right techniques are being followed. 

My community worker, Simeon, was amazing. She was there 100% before, during, and after labor. With her skilled training and professionalism I was able to experience natural childbirth. I’m pretty sure I would’ve ended up with epidural if she didn’t talk and breath me through the pain!

M. Evans

"I learned to love myself better and my baby. I had a full-term baby. I held out on the epidural or until nearly the end, but I didn’t get a C-section. I learned how to breastfeed, watch what I eat and exercise. I learned how my baby should sleep to reduce her chance of SIDS.  I learned how to deal with depression.  My most favorite part of the program was getting up on Saturday morning to attend the education and exercise meetings with the other girls. If I could change anything about the program I would make it longer.  My worker, Ms. Edith, held my hand throughout the process." S. Gilbert

I like that they provide group health education and individual advice when I need it.  The workers are very dependable. The breathing techniques and labor exercises alleviated the stress and helped me to tolerate the pain. I rate their performance 10/10. I could not have done it without them.” D. Thomas

"I am so thankful that I had so much support. I don't think I could have gone through it by myself. I had a vaginal birth, and I am exclusively breastfeeding.” C. Davis

"My community health worker has provided the upmost care.  She has provided spa baskets with Epsom salt, comfy socks, lotion and a candle to help promote relaxation.  She has given me prenatal clothing and countless other things.  All the staff were there with a listening ear and sound advice when I needed it.  If they weren’t able to answer a call, they responded very rapidly.  They information they provided about motherhood and pregnancy has helped to give me tremendous amount of inspiration to carry on. I have greatly benefited from this program, and I would like for many more mothers to do so."  T. Norton

Getty Israel and the women of Sisters in Birth have been a tremendous help to me throughout my third pregnancy. They have so many helpful tools to help.

They also check on you weekly to make sure you and your unborn child are progressing well. They help you to eat healthy and to exercise daily.


With the help of my community health worker, Mrs. Yalonda Davis, I went into labor the night of July 24, 2020, which continued into the morning of July 25,2020.  -Timithia Collins

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Oh my where should I start!!!!! Well for starters when I first found out that I was expecting in December of 2019, I knew I was determined to have a healthy pregnancy and birth experience. With that being said I started searching for prenatal yoga classes and by God’s grace I came across Sisters In Birth!!!!!!! I called to ask about the yoga classes. Ms. Israel answered and began to tell me about her program and all she offered to help expecting mommies.

-Madessia Willis

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“I couldn't have done it without my worker. I had a vaginal birth and a healthy baby. And I am breastfeeding. I couldn't be happier." P. Wallace

I was afraid I would end up having a C-section or preterm baby because so many Black women in Mississippi do.  But thanks to my birth worker, Yalonda, my daughter was born full-term and vaginally after 6 hours of labor and no epidural. Yalonda convinced me to trust my body throughout the process. She helped me to keep my temperature steady, to manage my contractions and stress through exercises, breathing, and music. She was a big support to me, and I love her so much for helping me to safely bring Alayna into the world.  -Azanae Wansley

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